Antifouling & Testing New Seajet SILICONE PAINT On Our Prop (MJ Sailing – Ep 104)

Not only are we adding new antifouling to our bottom, but we’re testing out a NEW silicone paint for our propeller!

We hope you like boat work, because this episode is jam packed with it! More specifically, focusing on the bottom of our boat. The winds and rains have died down enough to give us two perfect days to get our bottom covered with anitfouling before we go back in the water. Switching over to new Seajet paints, Matt gives an explanation of why we chose them and why they should be the best for our boat and the waters we’ll be sailing in.

Then, it’s time to get to work! One coat of primer and three coats of antifouling later, the bottom is *almost* ready. We just need a little work on the prop, where, also from Seajet, we’re trying a new silicone paint on our propeller. It should let growth just slip right off, and that will be great for us keeping up speed.

Much love from The Azores!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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