Could I BE More Excited? l Launching & Our NEW Precision Mainsail! (MJ Sailing – Ep 105)

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It’s time to go back in the water!!

The day before launching, Elements is lifted up into the sling to give us a full afternoon of painting while we reach the spots previously covered by jackstands and straps. Come 9 am the next morning though, we’re ready to go!

Conditions, although rainy, stayed fair enough for us to get in the water and to our slip the next morning, but then it turned quite windy and we didn’t get much done for the rest of the day. The next morning was beautiful though…so time to put on our sails!

As an extra bonus, in the fall Precision Sails had taken measurements for us to get a brand new main, and when we returned from Asia it was at the marina waiting for us. Since we couldn’t raise it while on the hard, this was our first opportunity to get it up and see what it looked like.

Enough time on the hard, let’s get this boat back in the water!!

Much love from The Azores!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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Thank you!,

Matt & Jessica

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