Georgie Avoids Work. Again. (MJ Sailing – Ep 102)

Do you like the name of this episode? So do we! We actually left it up to our Patrons to decide on this one by giving their suggestions after they watched it. Thanks for the title David, we really love it!

In this episode Matt starts with the sanding of our bottom so that we can get it ready for paint. Inevitably in a few spots he goes through down to bare metal, which means they need to be primed again with our Interlux Interprotect before any of the new bottom paint can go on.

We also make a trip from Praia to Angra do Heroismo to visit our friend Carlos and pick up a few packages he’s been holding for us. We were a little surprised to find a few have been held up in customs and then went on a search to see if that could get taken care of. It was fruitless.

Just a little more of our every day lives while getting Elements prepped to go back in the water.

Much love from The Azores!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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