How Did Our Antifouling Hold Up After 2 Years? (MJ Sailing – Ep 101)

After three months away, we return home to a boat that is not supposed to be in the water….but still is.

Jumping an early morning flight from Lisbon back to Elements, sitting in Terceira Azores, we arrive with just enough energy to climb on board and fall asleep….while still grumbling about the fact she was supposed to be hauled out of the water 10 weeks ago.

The next morning they are able to make space for us in the work yard though, and Elements gets taken out of the water for the first time in nearly two years. We have a chance to see how our antifouling has held up.

Back in Indiantown we applied Interlux Interprotect, and we can see once she’s out of the water that it has wiped off almost back down to the base coat. We had planned on applying new antifouling during our haul out, but this time we’ll be switching brands to something that hopefully works a little better for us.

With Elements out of the water and sitting on stands, it’s time to dive into projects so we can have her back in the water within a few weeks, planning our next leg north.

Much love from The Azores!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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