Stalking DELOS as they Enter the Chesapeake (MJ Sailing – Ep 170)

It’s time for more friends to arrive in Annapolis, and when sv Delos enters these waters, we hop in a 17ft Boston Whaler to hunt them down.

After we make another quick run out to Kentmorr marina to inspect the tent and the Viking a little closer, it’s time to celebrate the weekend in style.

We get word that our good friends Will and Grace of s/v Calico Skies are making their way into Annapolis, ready to take some time off from their boat and join our little household on shore. But along with them on the ride in, is the well known Brian and Kazza of s/v Delos.

We take on the overcast skies and choppy seas to give them a nice welcome into town, and even have to lend a hand as Delos’ deep draft does not want to let them in the channel, and they keep running around as they try to work they’re way in.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

That Time Bobby Gave Me A Bikini… (MJ Sailing – Ep 169)

Thanks for the bikini Bobby! I know it’s YOUR birthday, but funnily enough, I end up with the gift.

During our time in Annapolis, in mid- October, we decide to get on a few more boats. Being invited out by a few of our Patrons, we go inspect one of the Seawind 1160 Lites, in a mini show being held by Sail Away Catamarans. We have the chance to inspect the layout of one of these boats, and see what it’s like to have dual outboard engines instead of an inboard diesel. Plus, we have the opportunity to take it out for a test sail on the Chesapeake to see how she handles.

Then, it’s time to go for a pleasure cruise with a few of our friends. The couple that is hosting us in town, Jeff and Cam, have a Catalina 36, which they’re preparing to take cruising soon. Using a beautiful weekend – as well as a friend’s birthday- we take these excuses as a reason to make the 25 mile sail down to the town of St. Michael’s.

Once we get there we reunite with our friend Bobby of s/v Sailing Doodles.
Check out Bobby’s channel here:…

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

Did We Just Take On Another PROJECT BOAT??!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 168)

We came to Annapolis to visit friends….but we may have just gotten roped in to something much bigger.

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Not only did our friend/host give us a WONDERFUL place to stay while we’re in town here, but after meeting up with us for drinks our first afternoon in, where we told him what we were looking for in a build site – he found us the perfect location THE NEXT DAY!!

(Thanks again Jeff, we’ll have to toast you again for this when we come over tonight, lol.)

But, that’s not all. While we were at Kentmorr Marina talking to the owner about the use of their paint tent for the build, he had another opportunity in store for us. Which came in the form of a place to live during the build.

If you’re curious to learn more – and want to see our shocked and dumbfounded faces for our entire visit there – make sure to tune in for this week’s episode.

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

Moving Back With Mom & Dad – Flying Home to the U.S. – WITH A CAT!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 167)

It’s time to step foot in the U.S. for the first time in 2.5 years. And that also means moving in with my parents.
After having sailed Elements from Florida, through the Caribbean, up to the Azores, and then the Arctic Circle of Norway down to the UK…we left her behind in England, and now needed to take the next steps in our lives.
Flying out from our friend’s home in Twickenham, we head to London Heathrow to begin the long journey home…with our cat! She’ll be flying in cabin with us for this 24 hours of travel, so we’re very nervous on how it all could turn out.

Much love from Phoenix!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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NEW Boat & NEW Partner – First Days After Our Sale! (MJ Sailing – Ep 166)

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We’ve just sold our aluminum cruiser, and now it’s time to change things up by getting on a new boat with a new sailing partner. Have you seen this job posting of Canada’s largest marina that is actively hiring marine mechanics? Follow the steps on their site.

After we become essentially homeless after selling our boat, we still have one week left in England before our flights back to the US. We use that time to visit a few friends along the way, and take in all the British charm we can.

In the town of Calstock, we walk the Cotehele Estate, which has been around since the mid 15th Century, and has one of the most untouched Tudor homes in all of England.

Soon though, it was time to head to London, where we’d be staying with our friends on SV Polaris, whom we’d meet while sailing the Isles of Scilly. They welcomed us into their home for the next few days, showing us the local sights, and even getting me on the water one more time.

Their son, Constantin, does weekly races on the River Thames, and it was decided that this week, I would join him. Having never sailed such a small boat before, I was terrified I would capsize us at some point in the race. But it turns out Constantin is a great teacher, and we even took fifth place! Not bad for a total newbie.

Check out videos from Sailing Polaris here:

Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

WE FOUND A BUILD SITE!! – A Quickie Real Time Update – MJ Sailing

Somehow it happened without us even trying or searching – but we’ve stumbled upon a build site for the new catamaran! Support the build, and get bonus material and access to private content by becoming a Patron today. We want to quickly bring you up to speed, so before we can catch our episodes up, here’s a real time update with what’s going on with us RIGHT NOW! After selling Elements and leaving England, we flew back to the US to spend a little time with family before we began the search for what will be our catamaran build site for the next two years. We hadn’t even begun the search yet, we were just in Annapolis visiting friends – but that friend found the perfect spot for us! Fast forward a few days, and we’re getting ourselves set up to build inside a paint tent in Kentmoor Marina on Kent Island. Funny how it all fell into place so quickly, but we could not be more happy about it! Make sure to stay tuned next week when we revert back in time to our weekly episodes, where we just sold Elements and have a little time to spend in England before flying home to the US. Much love from Maryland! Jessica, Matt & Georgie

OUR DESIGN CHOICE REVEALED For Our Catamaran Build!! – MJ Sailing

Which did we choose, the Schionning Arrow 1360? Or the Max Cruise 42 SC?
After much debate, we finally make the decision of which catamaran we’re going to build, beginning this December.
For more information, take a look at both of our choices!
Schionning Arrow 1360 –…

Max Cruise 42 SC –…

Much love!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

Happy Birthday, You’re Now HOMELESS (MJ Sailing – Ep 165)

This year my birthday was spent enjoying our last full 24 hours on our boat before we handed her over to the new owner and walked away forever.

I could make this post all sad, and talk about how I was kicked out of my home on my birthday….but since I asked for this, I was just as delighted about it as I was sad.

But yes, the moment has finally come where we hand Elements off to her new owner. After getting one last little trip in as we headed down the river and into the town of Falmouth, we had one full day left on her before packing up and walking away. And as many emotions as we had running through us at the time, we tried not to let ourselves think about it too hard. Not while we were still there.

The good news is, passing her over to her new owner Brice, was so incredibly easy, and it was really nice to have a face to go with the long conversations we’d been having over the previous month. We know we’ve left Elements in great hands, and it’s time for both parties involved to begin their new adventure.

Much love from Cornwall!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

50 Knot Winds, 18 Ft Tides & NO ROOM – Let the S#*T SHOW Begin!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 164)

S#*t is about to go down, and we’ve got a front row seat.
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After completing the bill of sale on our boat and spending a few days relaxing (and packing) while up the River Fal, we come back to town to wait out a nasty storm coming our way, only to find out the marinas are packed full. The only safe place we can now be….is the same spot we just came from.

Expecting 50 knot winds, and dealing with 18 ft tides, we let out 175 ft of chain right in the middle of the river (we had the harbour master’s approval for this), since this was the only spot that would offer us enough swing room. But, as boats kept pouring in to find a secure spot, it was obvious that things were going to get tight.

Thankfully we did not encounter any issues through the night, but as we watched the boats around us, we found out they were not as lucky.

Much love from Cornwall!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

They’re Taking Our Boat….. (MJ Sailing – Ep 163)

Get the family off the boat, because Falmouth Boat Company is coming to tow it away!!
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After a month off the grid, we head into the town of Falmouth, not only so we can fill our cupboards with food again, but because we need to get Elements ready for her survey.

It’s the perfect motor in (no wind for sailing though, unfortunately) where we had sun, warmth, and even dolphins to greet us on our way! Once we had a slip secured though, it was time to get to work. Running ALL over town, we hunted through hardware stores, auto part stores, and chandleries to get all the little necessities to make Elements 100% ready for her survey.

When the big day came we weren’t allowed to be there for the tonnage portion (COVID restrictions at the marina), so the three of us hung out at the harbour until it was time for the onboard survey. Which, lol, I did no filming of because I assumed the guy would not want a camera following him around as he worked. Darn it. Hindsight is 20/20, and I should have just asked. 😉

Well….I think you all know the outcome of how things went there!

Much love from Cornwall!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie