That Time Bobby Gave Me A Bikini… (MJ Sailing – Ep 169)

Thanks for the bikini Bobby! I know it’s YOUR birthday, but funnily enough, I end up with the gift.

During our time in Annapolis, in mid- October, we decide to get on a few more boats. Being invited out by a few of our Patrons, we go inspect one of the Seawind 1160 Lites, in a mini show being held by Sail Away Catamarans. We have the chance to inspect the layout of one of these boats, and see what it’s like to have dual outboard engines instead of an inboard diesel. Plus, we have the opportunity to take it out for a test sail on the Chesapeake to see how she handles.

Then, it’s time to go for a pleasure cruise with a few of our friends. The couple that is hosting us in town, Jeff and Cam, have a Catalina 36, which they’re preparing to take cruising soon. Using a beautiful weekend – as well as a friend’s birthday- we take these excuses as a reason to make the 25 mile sail down to the town of St. Michael’s.

Once we get there we reunite with our friend Bobby of s/v Sailing Doodles.
Check out Bobby’s channel here:…

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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