50 Knot Winds, 18 Ft Tides & NO ROOM – Let the S#*T SHOW Begin!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 164)

S#*t is about to go down, and we’ve got a front row seat.
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After completing the bill of sale on our boat and spending a few days relaxing (and packing) while up the River Fal, we come back to town to wait out a nasty storm coming our way, only to find out the marinas are packed full. The only safe place we can now be….is the same spot we just came from.

Expecting 50 knot winds, and dealing with 18 ft tides, we let out 175 ft of chain right in the middle of the river (we had the harbour master’s approval for this), since this was the only spot that would offer us enough swing room. But, as boats kept pouring in to find a secure spot, it was obvious that things were going to get tight.

Thankfully we did not encounter any issues through the night, but as we watched the boats around us, we found out they were not as lucky.

Much love from Cornwall!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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