BIG SEAS & The Furthest North We’ve Ever Sailed (MJ Sailing – Ep 108)

Those 4 meter seas we had been expecting? Yup, they finally made their appearance.

On Day 4 of our passage from the Azores to Ireland, the remnants of a nasty depression just east of us finally made their way over to where we were sailing. Winds gusting up to 30, not too bad, but the waves did start to build as well, becoming very frothy and topping out at a little over 4 meters. By that same afternoon though the storm passed and we were back to our usual 2 meter seas.

We still haven’t quite got out of our passage ‘blahs’ yet, and we’re not sure if it’s just taking us this long to adjust to a life back at sea, or if the constant gray skies are keeping us in a subdued state of being.

We do hit one more milestone though, where we sail the furthest north we’ve ever been…47 degrees! Plus it marks our halfway trip to Ireland.

Much love from the North Atlantic!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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