LAND HO!!! Azores to Ireland in 10 Days (MJ Sailing – Ep 109)

We pick up on the last few days of our 1,200 mile passage from the Azores, to Cork Ireland.

On our approach, about 36 hours from making landfall, we realize at our current speed we’ll make a midnight arrival. Slowing ourselves down by only sailing with a reefed headsail, we decided to do a bit of fishing to catch ourselves a nice dinner. Besides, we were just about done with the trip and I still had a few fishing accessories I was looking to test out. Once we were done we were quite close, so we tried to keep a speed of 4 knots to make sure we won’t arrive before sunrise.

We also begin to encounter all kinds of ship traffic, but mostly fishing vessels which continue to cut back and forth across our path in the middle of the night. We experience a little more heavy weather on our last full day at sea….with some more big waves that are having fun tossing us around.

But…we finally make landfall just at sunrise and have beautiful views as we motor into the harbor of Crosshaven. Our arrival deserved a fine Irish welcome, so we celebrated that night with Irish sirloin steaks and cold Guinness to drink.

Much love from the Ireland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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