We’re Entering the ROARING 40s!! – Or at Least, I Thought We Were (MJ Sailing – Ep 107)

We’ve now entered into the 40 degree latitudes.

But wait? Am I thinking of the wrong ocean with all the terrible weather I’m expecting?

Our passage from Terceira to Ireland is well underway now, but conditions have picked up just enough that we’re not feeling so hot.

Our departure from the Azores was kind to us, but by day two the seas are growing and we’re feeling a little queasy in our stomach. Not much else to do but sit around and wait for it to pass.

We expect heavier conditions to come, although on Day 3, things aren’t as bad as they’re supposed to be. The winds and waves have calmed down a little…but now we have a new problem of the oven not wanting to cook our dinner!

Oh well, at least it’s only a 10 day passage instead of 25!

Much love from the North Atlantic!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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