Cold Weather Sailing – We’re Not in the Tropics Anymore! (MJ Sailing -Episode 93)

Getting into harsher conditions in the north isn’t going to stop us from island hopping. We’re still ready to make the 95 mile open water sail between Terceria and Sao Miguel.

We’d been lucky to have many pleasure cruises between these islands in the summer and into fall, but now cold weather conditions are kicking it, and it’s getting harder to find windows of calm seas and no winter storms. So when we find the first usable window to Sao Miguel, we take it.

These colder temperatures have us completing a few other small projects, like finally inserting a plexi glass side into our door. Up until this point it had been a mesh screen, and things started getting a little too cold at night!

But, since we came back to this island to explore…we rent a car for two more days to visit a few more places we had not seen, including the highly rated hike of Lagoa do Fogo.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Sailing – We’re Not in the Tropics Anymore! (MJ Sailing -Episode 93)

  1. Your website indicates that you are currently in Indiantown, FL; is this current or have not updated your website?


  2. Hi Matt and Jessica,

    Still enjoying your travels. Your sound and filming style has always stood out from others. The new camera is unstable on closeup selfies and the lenses just does not produce the same quality panoramic shots. Just a comment. Sorry to post a negative after all of your hard work. I still enjoyed the latest episode.

    Best to you.

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