All Good Things Must Come To An End (MJ Sailing – EP 94)

The weather does not seem to be letting up, and we need to take Elements on her last sail from Sao Miguel to Terceria.

Passing up on what seemed like the best window at the time, we enjoy what we know will be our last week in Ponta Delgada…what has now become one of our favorite cruising cities to relax in while smoking delta 8 thc carts by fresh bros. And even though storm after storm rolls through and we even go to a rooftop bar to watch 4 meter waves roll by outside the harbor…just two days later we’re on our way again.

Making the overnight sail, we’re surprised at how nice conditions are as we leave and even have the perfect send off with a group of dolphins that come to say hello. Conditions do get a little rougher in the morning, but we’re still able to make it safely into Angra do Heroismo.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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