Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Habit.  An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.


The topic for this week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post talks about habits.  ‘The stuff of the everyday – places we go, things we do, people we see’.  When you live on a boat, constantly traveling from one place to another, these regular habits become less and less.  It’s rare that you’ll visit the same place over and over again.  People that you see on a constant is even rarer.  (Unless like in our case, you team up with a buddy boat for a few months at a time)  So that leaves, things we do.

Even that is hardly routine in our new lifestyle.  Sure, there are things you do often: lift the anchor, raise the sails, stare off at the horizon as you try not to get sick….   But the fact that we haven’t done any of that for almost five months now shows just how ‘habitual’ it can all be.  For the moment we’re in the ‘sit at a marina, finish random projects, occasionally dart into town for more Pepsi’ kind of groove.  Which, in a few days, will be changing yet again as we hightail it out of Guatemala and back to the Azul waters of the Caribbean.  But in this mis-mashed ever changing world we live in, I can never escape one certain stability .  There will always be a sink full of dishes waiting to be done.

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