We Can’t Sell Our Boat! – OR Sail it Out of England!! (MJ Sailing – Real Time Update)

The good news is, our boat has been released from lock-down, and we are now able to cruise full time on the coast of England. The bad news is, for all the plans and back-up plans we’ve been making for the year, we can’t seem to achieve any of them.

What we had WANTED to happen for ourselves in 2020 is that we’d spend the spring and early summer enjoying England, and then move ourselves down to Spain or Portugal where we would list her for sale, and hopefully and American or Canadian buyer would scoop her up, and we’d be on our merry way back to the US to begin our catamaran build.

But as it stands, as of today, Americans and Canadians can not get into the UK to see the boat, without having to go through a 2 week quarantine period first. Our next thought was, “Ok, we’ll sail her down to Spain/Portugal, where they’ll be able to view the boat there”. But…currently, residents of the US are not allowed into the EU. Which means that potential buyers can not get in there, and neither can we.

The last option is to sail Elements to the US to sell her, but now we’re entering hurricane season, that can’t be done until Nov/Dec. Long after our UK visa has run out. So many unexpected issues, but we’re trying to make the best of it all! And considering the beautiful cruising grounds we have at our fingertips at the moment, that isn’t too hard.

Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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