CATAMARAN LIFE: Is This What Our Future Looks Like? (MJ Sailing – Ep 154)

It’s time to get a real feel for sailing on a performance catamaran in the size range we’re looking at – between 42-45 ft. This week we find ourselves on something just slightly larger, a Dazcat 1495 named Hissy Fit.

For our day on the water, we try to find out how we feel with the size of the living space, how the boat handles vs the monohulls we’ve been cruising on up to this point, and what we think of the motion of the boat under sail.

Suffice to say, we’re pretty smitten, and once again, very much looking forward to our catamaran build so that in a few years we’ll be out cruising the waters just like this.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Simon and Darren of Dazcat Multihull Center for taking the time to bring us out for the day and answer the large number of questions we had about catamaran design and building. Your thoughtfulness and hospitality never ceases to amaze us!…


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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