sunset in Sint Maarten

Unwinding in Sint Maarten

Saturday January 17, 2015

sunset in Simpson Bay

Who would have thought that after so much time on the boat, the last thing we want to do now that we’ve made landfall is get off the boat.  Maybe it’s because we’re in that two week period where we’re catching up on our loss of sleep.  Or maybe it’s because after three weeks of being stuck below deck in rough weather, we finally have the opportunity to use the cockpit again.  Yeah, that sounds like a winner to me, I’ll go with that answer.

All joking aside though, there is no reason we’ve wanted to get off Serendipity now that we can enjoy her in all her beautiful surroundings.  The views here from our deck are breathtaking, and while we’re still catching our breaths, there’s been no reason to abandon them by spending all our days ashore.

Take yesterday morning for example.  It was our first full morning at anchor after getting a very relaxing 12 hours of sleep.  After rolling out of bed a little after 9 am we turned on the Caribbean tunes wafting through the radio waves and put on a pot of coffee.   (Or AeroPressed a few cups, same diff).  Taking our drinks to the cockpit we let the gentle morning breeze roll over us as hundreds of little yellow butterflies fluttered through the air.  A mass hatching of some sorts.  This was ecstasy for Georgie as there were constantly moving targets floating past her on the deck to chase.  After a few swift moves, a few of them even ended up in her mouth.  Very good morning entertainment for us.

We have managed to get off the boat for an hour or two each day to find the Island Water World for boat supplies, and most importantly, topping off our propane tanks; and the grocery store and bulk food store to replenish our dwindling supply of food and alcohol.  No energy for exploring at the moment though, it’s always right back to the boat for a nap and relaxing.

The past few nights have been ended with a cocktail in the cockpit while watching the sun sink into the open horizon in front of us and watching the evening shuffle of cruisers either coming back to their boats or about to head out for a night on the town.

Although we know we have to be cautious with our time since the new boat is still beckoning to us and our stay in the Caribbean won’t be long, so far we haven’t felt the rush to keep busy or take in all of the sights just yet.  There will be time for that.  Right now we’re enjoying each moment.  Transitioning quite fluidly into Island Time and finding there is no rush for anything.

sunset in Sint Maarten

kids on sailboat, St. Maarten

Simpson Bay at dusk

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