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Saturday December 15, 2012


Guess what?  We haven’t been off the boat since our trip up to Walmart on Wednesday.  The weather has slightly been dictating our travels (even on land), and we try to look for low-wind days before taking the bikes out now.  It’s not like there’s anywhere we have to be, and Matt’s completely content as long as he has his laptop in front of him and access to the internet.  I think he could be on Yachtworld and Cruiser’s Forums for days straight without ever getting up.  I’m still waiting for the battery charger for my computer to come, but I’ve found I’m just as easily amused if the touchpad is charged or I can put a movie on.  Yes, these are the same people that are out trying to ‘experience’ the world.  So with nothing happening to write about, and not wanting to leave you hanging too long before something worth writing about happens again, I am going to start writing fluff pieces just to give you something to read.  The first one?


The Positives of Being Stuck in a Boatyard


This will also be broken down into further categories, which is surprising that I have that many things to list.



Ok, I know this is almost laughable considering the amount of money we’re going to spend while in here, but again, I have to take the positives where I can get them.  Or maybe I should  term it ‘How we’re trying to recoup that big a$$ deductible’ since that may be better suited for what these are actually doing.

  • No diesel.  Since we’re not traveling anywhere, there is no need to buy gas.  We usually filled up twice a month at around $100 a pop, so there’s $200 recouped right there.
  • Fewer groceries.  You may be scratching your head on this one, but it seems like we’re actually eating less now that we’ve been on the hard.  Somehow we’ve reverted back to a summer vacation schedule where we stay up until 2 am and then sleep until noon.  Breakfast is now out, and it’s rare that we snack after dinner. Plus this is pre-drivers license summer vacation so we don’t travel out too much to fast food restaurants.
  • Bathroom facilities.  I know I’m grasping at straws here, but it still counts.  While on the hard we’re not using our head at all and climb down the ladder and walk to the bathrooms each time we need to go.  How does this save money?  Two ways.  No pump-outs, which have been getting upwards of $15-20 lately, and use of the yards toilet paper.  What?  That stuff is expensive in the Bahamas and I want to save all of ours for when we get there.
  • No friends.  With Hideaway down in Vero Beach and Rode Trip and Anthyllide still up in St. Mary’s there has been no one for us to hang out with.  No reason to pop open a few beers or that bottle of wine.  Or to check out that cool restaurant or go on that interesting tour.  Luckily our friends are on the same budget we are so thing are never too extravagant or expensive anyway, but spending time alone has helped to keep a little money in our pocket.  But we still can’t wait for them to visit though, and we will definitely open that beer while touring that museum just after going to that restaurant.


It’s Just Easier On Land:

These are the things that we took for granted back on land and we get to have them back now.  Just for a little bit.

  • Showers.  Ask any cruiser that doesn’t have access to this what they miss most about land and they will tell you a hot shower.  Now we have access to them every day.  More than once if we want.  It’s fantastic.
  • Immediate access to land.  As much as we love our lifestyle, do you know how tiring it can be to have to lower the dinghy, ride it in, and find a place to tie up every time you want to go to land.  We’ve become pretty accustomed to it, but on cold or windy days (something we’ve had plenty of on the way down) it can be downright miserable.  Like the two times we had Rode Trip over for drinks and then sent them home in the rain.  Sorry guys!  But having solid ground right at your disposal?  Sometimes I hop on and off the ladder just because I can.
  • Wifi.  This is not only to give us something to do during the day while we’re sitting in the yard day after day, but it helps me keep my sanity with 24 hour access to the website.  I’m not kidding you, I don’t even know how many times I would become unglued or fits I had because we’d go days without access to the internet and when I finally was able to get it, it would be for thirty minutes, only allowing me to get two posts up and maybe respond to three questions or comments.
  • Popcorn.  Yes, that’s right.  I am a very big popcorn lover and before we left one of the things we stocked up on at Sam’s Club was a box of 28 popcorn packets.  Which I didn’t find out until after we left that even with the battery at 100% and the engine running, our 700 watt microwave was not strong enough to turn more than just a few kernels into buttery goodness.  But, the yard happens to have a microwave and has been popping my bags to perfection.



Sometimes the mind can go a little wonky when your living space has been cut down to 1/4 of what you’re used to and all of your everyday luxuries are gone.  Stephanie and I often trade stories of our low points on the trip just to remind ourselves that everyone living this lifestyle has breakdowns at some point.  Here are a few of the mood boosters I get to take advantage of while sitting here.

  • Singing in the shower.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned it in this post, but one of my favorite things to do before we left was sing in the car at the top of my lungs to the radio while driving home from work.  There was no one to hear me, no one to judge me, and it just felt good.  Living on a boat you rarely to never get that kind of alone time, so while I still sing along to the radio a lot, it’s not the kind of belting, sing until you’re lungs give out kind.  And I miss that.  So now when I’m in the shower and no one else is around I get to go back to singing like my life depended on it.
  • There’s nothing to hit while on the hard.  Now that Serendipity isn’t moving at all, there isn’t a chance for her to crash into anything else.  And while I’m hoping our trip in the inlet was a once in a lifetime kind of catastrophe, I needed some time to collect myself before getting back out there.  For the first week or two I’d have panic attacks in the middle of the night with thoughts of everything else that could go wrong or happen to us while we’re out traveling. But I think this time standing still will help me to gain a little bit of perspective and confidence before we’re back out on the big blue ocean.


They may not be big reasons, but they’re just enough to keep me going.  During a bad day I can always look back at these and remind myself the things I have to be thankful while we’re here.  And who knows, when we’re back out traveling, looking back at this list just might make me wish we were back in the yard.  Probably only during a very bad day out on the water though.

Man, what I wouldn’t give for my old hot tub right now.  But hot showers are pretty close.
(circa 6/08)
Ok, I think I’m ready for anything now.  *
(circa 02/12)


*And yes, that’s the men’s size M foul weather jacket I got stuck with because it was on sale.  Does a great job of keeping me warm though.


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