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The Wreck of sv Ellipsis at Elbow Cay


We leave Marsh Harbor for the picturesque settlement of Hope Town, and have a whirlwind adventure while we’re there. Heading into town one night to play trivia with friends, we find there is a shipwreck on the north end of the island, and stroll up the beach to take a look.

Lodged in the sand is a Westsail 32 named Ellipsis that had ended up there the night before after encountering some heavy weather between Puerto Rico and St. Augustine. We only had a few details at the time, but knew it was two men and two dogs on board, and although the boat was now meant to be salvaged, everyone on board was ok.

The next day the two of us do a little more wandering around town and take a look at the world famous Elbow Reef Lighthouse; the last kerosene burning lighthouse in the world. We also walk through the grounds of Harbour Lodge resort to take in stunning views from their Atlantic coast beach.

Strolling back out to the beach, we found the owner there removing personal belongings and were able to talk to him to get the full story of what happened.

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00:18 – I Met You in the Summer – Loving Caliber (ES)

00:59 – Breathe – Johan Borjesson (ES)

04:47 – Dreamers Escape 2 – Magnus Ringblom (ES)

07:34 – Head Under Water – Lvly (ES)

11:31 – Chain of Events 3 – John Ahlin (ES)

Camera equipment used: – Panasonic Lumix G85 –

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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