The Mangrove Maze of Great Harbour Cay

We find a trail through the mangroves cutting across Great Harbour Cay, and see if our dinghy is up for the challenge!

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After waiting out our northern front on the NW side of Great Harbour Cay, we get ourselves off the boat by taking Georgie to the beach for a stroll. Something she probably would have enjoyed a little more had she not jumped out of the dinghy a few feet early, mistaking the clear shallow water for land.

We also our dinghy through a channel which led through a set of mangroves, all the way from our anchorage out to the cruise ship island of Great Stirrup Cay to north. It was questionable if our fuel would hold out for the 5 mile trip, but in the end we made it back, and with some great views along the way.

When winds began switching from NW to W, we knew it was time to leave and head to the other side of the island for a more protected anchorage. We fought the winds and beat for a good portion of the trip, but were rewarded with Kool-aid blue waters and stunning surroundings upon our arrival.

Cheers from the Bahamas!

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Our boat: 1983 Trisalu 37 (custom aluminum, built in Quebec)

Where we’ve been: 2.5 year refit in Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth’s; St. Maarten; Antigua

Where we’re going in 2018: Saba – Azores – Ireland – UK

Our Previous Boat: 1989 Sabre 34 Targa (Serendipity)

Where We Sailed Her: U.S. – Bahamas – Jamaica – Cuba – Cayman Islands – Honduras – Guatemala – Belize – Mexico – Bermuda – Azores – Madeira – Canary Islands – Sint Maarten – BVI’s – USVI’s


00:20 – I Met You in the Summer – Loving Caliber (ES)
01:55 – The Overlook – Koresma
05:40 – Dynamite Castle – Sebastian Forslund (ES)
22:14 – Good Morning – Lakey Inspired

Camera equipment used:
– Panasonic Lumix G85 –
– Shure VP83F shotgun microphone –
– Sony HDRCX675 –
– Rode VideoMicro microphone –
– SJ CAM SJ6 Action Cam –

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Adobe Premier Pro





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