Test Sailing a Performance CATAMARAN – What Do We Think? (MJ Sailing – Ep 152)

We get the chance to go out sailing on a Dazcat 995, and find ourselves racing a Dazcat 1195 as soon as we’re out on Plymouth Sound!

After one of our viewers had seen us take a tour of the Multihull Center, with his boat featured in the background!, he jumped on the chance to invite us aboard since the boat had recently been launched. Julian is partial owner of Easy Tiger, and with England having some brilliant weather at the moment, he invited us out for a day sail.

Knowing that we’re interested in building our own performance catamaran, he thought it would be a great idea for us to take a test sail on one, to see what we liked about them, or areas that may need improvement. Out on the water we were blown away at how well it performed, and it has made us even more excited to begin construction on our own.

And as if a day out on the water wasn’t exciting enough on its own, we even had the chance to race another Dazcat out to the breakwater in the Plymouth Sound, as it happened to pull out just behind us as we entered open waters.


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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