Maybe Next Week We Can Go SAILING? (MJ Sailing – Ep 153)

Full time cruising still isn’t allowed yet in the UK, but that won’t stop us from enjoying the water.

Hearing there was a race on the Plymouth Sound, we jumped on our bikes and cycled out to see the action. We didn’t have enough notice to get on a boat this week…but maybe next time?

Ending our day early due to weather and a pants mis-hap, we save the rest of our adventuring for another day.

When we do get out though, it is to the stunning River Yealm and the town of Noss Mayo. Hiking from the picturesque center of this posh town, we walk the waterfront to see the place we thought we’d be for half of May. Walking up the bluff to the river entrance we also spot a popular anchorage used just inside the harbour, and one outside that is permitted for anchoring now, but usually exposed to a swell.

So many things to explore in the area, and hopefully soon enough we’ll be traveling to visit them by boat!


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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