rusted can of pumpkin pie mix

Low Key Turkey Day

Thursday November 28, 2013

rusted can of pumpkin pie mix

You know how our Thanksgiving was spent?  Sitting in the boat.  Wait, no.  We went to the Dispensa to buy Pepsi and evaporated milk so that I could make pie.  While we were wandering through the streets in town and ducking around the masses of people on the streets and cluttering the grocery aisles Matt commented, “Wow, there’s still a lot of people out and a lot of business open for it being a holiday”.  When I reminded him that this was not an area that celebrated buckled shoe’d pilgrims sitting down with feather headdressed native americans, he just kind of cocked his head to the side and muttered “Oh yeah…”.  Not that it’s hard to see why he’d think that though, every holiday that we’d normally celebrate back at home has at least one marina or more celebrating it here on the Rio.

It’s not that we didn’t have invitations to go out, a few of the marinas were hosting dinners, and a few friends had invited us out to these, it’s just that….we didn’t really want to.  We were content to sit around Serendipity and do nothing.  Each day we’ve had a few friends from the marina swing by in their dinghies as we’re enjoying ourselves in the cockpit, reading books and generally relaxing, wanting to know when we’ll be leaving or if the weather has changed at all.  This time we think we might actually have an out, coming up on Monday, the 2nd.  Wow, I still can’t even believe that we’ll be here into December.  I remember when we weren’t even sure if we’d be around for Halloween because we wanted to get on the move again as soon as possible.  Things here are just so easy and familiar that it makes it hard to leave.  I can see how people get sucked in and stay for years.  With a little more convincing from friends in the area, it probably wouldn’t take much to turn us into those people either.

For our big Thanksgiving feast tonight we’ll be enjoying leftover chili from a recipe that Elmari emailed to me and hopefully finishing it with some pumpkin pie.  Of which I’ve actually had a tin of the filling since last year’s Canadian Thanksgiving, so I hope there’s no surprises when I open it.  All of this enjoyed with a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and I’ll be a happy girl.  It may not be the crazy boat crawl we had last year with our four boat armada in St. Mary’s Georgia, but I think my liver will really thank me for this easy going night tomorrow.  Last year we were not on the best of terms on Black Friday.  Those folks on Hideaway, they know how to make a mean cocktail.  (Yes Ryan, I’m talking about you and your Painkillers.  I miss them!!)

off brand Ramen

 A lunch of Not Top Ramen.  No, this was Bottom Ramen.

Georgie eating bottom Ramen

 At least Georgie didn’t seem to mind it.

pumpkin pie

The pie was DELICIOUS.