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Sunday October 7, 2012

Yesterday it was sunny and warm with a high near 80.  I wore a t-shirt dress to the boat show and was perfectly comfortable.  Things started to cool down a little over night and when we woke up this morning it was in the low 50’s.  And that’s the forecasted high for the full day.  It was hours before we rolled out of bed, sometime after 10:30.  When we finally did manage to drag ourselves into the cold cabin there were many breaks to dive under blankets between doing chores like washing dishes, and there were a lot since I made bread from scratch for the first time last night.  When Matt had crawled back in bed to spend some time with his e-reader I was shortly behind him and not long after that we were asleep again.

Forcing myself to get out of bed for the second time at 3:30 I knew I had to get a move on with my baking since dinner started at 6.  The two items I chose to make were corn bread and pumpkin pie.  I have never attempted either of these before.  Normally the issue with the pizza crust and cookies wouldn’t have me very confident but while cooking the bread last night we found out that I had the rack all the way at the bottom and too much heat had been applied while cooking.  We moved it up a few rows for the bread which ended up coming out really well for my first attempt and now I was 80% sure the corn bread and pie would come out a success as well.  First to be made was the pumpkin pie which I did cheat a little bit with and bought a pre-made crust if only for the fact that we didn’t have a pie tin.  All the ingredients mixed together really well and soon it was in the oven to cook.  When that came out and smelling absolutely delicious it was replaced by the cornbread in a muffin pan.  Just as the second batch was coming out the clock was striking six and we were hurrying to get next door.

Long underwear had been put on again as no matter how cold it seemed to get each time we’d go over there, Andy and John were content to sit in the cockpit.  I was surprised when they led us down to the cockpit right way.  Going through the tradition of having a large glass of wine set in front of me by John, Andy pulled the turkey out of the oven.  He had gone to the butcher a few days before and had them cut an 8 pounder in half which just fit into his oven.  It was wrapped in bacon, drenched in maple syrup, and looked and smelled so good.  While we munched on the maple soaked bacon Andy mashed up some potatoes and it was time to eat.  I’ve never had a bad meal while over here and this was no exception.  I actually thought my corn bread muffins (which ended up a little on the dry side) brought down the meal a little when compared to the turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy,  asparagus, and salad. When we were done eating there was a huge mess of dishes in the sink for Andy to clean but he tackled them like a pro while the rest of us lounged around the dinner table.  After our stomachs had the chance to settle the pumpkin pie was brought in from the cockpit where it had been set to cool.  Andy cut it into slices and paired it on a plate with a scoop of mango ice cream.  At first I was wary of the combination and planned on keeping the two completely separate on my plate but it turns out they actually go very well together.  Plus the pie came out so well that I think I’ll be baking another one just for the two of us sometime.

It’s been so nice being included by Between the Sheets for the roasts they’ve done so far and even nicer for them to include us in their Thanksgiving.  I think they’ve come to think of us as honorary Canadians.  Since we do come from a state with multiple access points to Canada and after spending too much time with them we start saying “Eh?” and something halfway between boat and boot.  The temperatures had dropped just right to fall temperatures and we had all of the same entrees and sides as we normally would back home that it was almost like we were celebrating American Thanksgiving.  Which the only thing we’ll probably do when we get to it is have a deli sliced turkey sandwich.  So thank you very much Andy and John for giving a little piece of home to us.

I know, I know.  More photos of food.

But it was soooo good!

John gives this Thanksgiving a thumbs up (and a tongue out)

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