S#*T….OUR STARTER BURNED OUT!…What Now?! (MJ Sailing – EP 87)

We’re in an island group 800 miles from Europe….and we burned out the only starter we have on our boat!

While immensely enjoying our time in Sao Jorge, our dragging anchor causes us to move ourselves and burn out the engine starter in the process. With few options, and shipping of a new one having a two week delivery date, we rely on some new friends ashore to see if they can help us out of this jam.

While our starter is being worked on, we hop in a car with Bill & Grace to do a little exploring of the coast. We come across hydrangea lined fields, magnificent viewpoints to towns down below, and take in the sights at Faja Orvidour. One of the most spectacular natural swimming spots we’ve ever come across.

After picking up our starter that evening, we join Fillip’s family friends for one of their nightly dinners, and an evening we won’t soon forget.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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