Somethings Brewing out There

Thursday August 28, 2014


There is definitely something brewing outside there today.  Effects of hurricane Cristobol?  I thought so at first, but he’s still about 1,000 miles west of us right now.  All I know is that the skies out there are gray and the wind is getting gusty.  It seems as if something is brewing though. Keeping a keen eye on our new electronic barometer now since it’s still a novelty, I’ve noticed that it’s dropped about 4 mb in the past 6-8 hours.

Just makes me happy we’re not out on the water right now, and I think everyone else around here has the same idea.  All the empty slips in the marina are filling up with little fishing boats, and a few masts were spotted making their way into the bay this afternoon. All I know is we’re tucked safely into a slip, there is not in fact a hurricane barreling down on us (at the moment), and all these dark clouds seem like the perfect excuse to sit on my butt all day and get some writing done on the blog.  Add in a cup of hot coco, possibly with a shot of Bailey’s, and this storm can last all night long.

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