Tabacco Bay, Bermuda

Picturesque St. George Bermuda

Sunday July 6, 2012

St. George Bermuda

So we may have slipped back into our lazy habits of just sitting on the boat for the past few days, completing other small projects here and there, and still enjoying eight (or ten) hours of sleep each night.  But since I didn’t share all the amazing photos from our first tour of St. George, I figured now would be the perfect time.  Enjoy!

Water Street, St. George, Bermuda

St. Peter's Church, St. George, Bermuda

cemetery St. Peter's Church, Bermuda

unfinished church, St. George, Bermuda

Tabacco Bay, Bermuda

Tabacco Bay, Bermuda

Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

random fort, St. George, Bermuda

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