Picturesque El Estor Weekend

Friday June 28, 2013

reflection in Hydromax

Can you believe that I’ve had about 30 photos in my last two post about our weekend, and I had to cut out a ton of them?  But leaving them on the cutting floor of my laptop just didn’t seem right, so the only solution is to bombard you with the rest of them.  Enjoy, our picturesque El Estor weekend.

6.29.13 (15)

 companionway on Hydromaxshower on Hydromax

Luis and Matt

Castillo de San Fellipe

Pirate dinghy

mountains on Lake Isabelle

view from foredeck


Luki and Elmarie on Hydromax

regatta on Lake Isabelle

mmmmm, Pepsi

fisher in El Estor

checking anchor

Elmarie at anchor

kids playing in El Estor

lancha ride

beauty pageant winners

little Guatemalan girl

morning in El Estor


anchor caught on fishing net

driving Hydromax

Matt's new kitty friend

anchored at Denny's Beach

sunset at Denny's Beach

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