Picturesque Double Breasted Cay, Ragged Islands

Sunday April 14, 2013


On our last day here in Double Breasted Cay, it was just a nice relaxing day.  The guys were out to do a little more fishing, but instead of diving they thought they’d try dropping rods and hand reels over the side of the dinghy in deeper water to see what they could catch (spoiler alert: nothing).  Stephanie and I decided to use the time away from them to check out the island via kayaks.  She picked me up from Serendipity, her in her own kayak trailing one for me behind her.  We went from one side of the island to the other, venturing out one side to the Exuma Sound and then to the shallow and almost dry banks between the cay we were at and the one that wrapped around it.  The water looked too enticing not to take a dip in it the whole time we were there, so we beached the kayaks and stayed close to shore where we could keep an eye out for sharks and avoid them if they came near.  The water was a perfect temperature, and for awhile we just floated around until we saw the guys coming our way after they had gone back to spear fishing.  Looks like it’s fish for dinner again…

4.15.13 (1)

4.15.13 (2)

4.15.13 (3)

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