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Our Thoughts on Going Bare

‘Why aren’t you going to paint your hull?’ ‘If you’re going to leave it bare, you should at least shine it up’. ‘You’re in for a ton of corrosion if you leave your hull bare’.

These are just a sample of the questions and comments we’ve been getting through our last few videos, so we thought it was time to publicly address the issue. Our hull is staying bare aluminum, and we *want* it that way. Keep reading as to our reasons why, and to answer all the questions you may have about why there is no longer paint on the side of our boat.

In this episode we also dig our mainsail out of storage to see how it fits on the boat, and Matt goes over our plans for how we’re going to lay out our deck hardware. With all the changes we’ve made to Elements, the previous set-up is no longer going to work for us.

Cheers from the WATER!!

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0:00 – Gitty Cat – Andrew Applepie
00:59 – Welcome – CyberSDF
09:34 – Gold – Artificial Music

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T -
– Panasonic HDC -
– Apple iPhone 5 -

Editing software:
Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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