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Our Engine Has Been Still for 10+ Years … Will It Start?

It’s time to face our biggest fear since we got this boat nearly two years ago. Our engine has not been touched since 2006…will it start for us when we try?

Matt goes through a full explanation of how he prepped our Yanmar 4JH4E engine before our attempted start. There were a lot of things on that list, and a bit of annoying beeping from the pre-start in the background, so I’ve included captions in a few areas to make it easier to understand.

The next item to tick off our list is getting our cockpit ready to paint. Although we did 90% of the deck last year, we needed to wait on the cockpit due to all the chaos of things stored in there. Bringing it down to bare metal, we work it back up through an aluminum primer, barrier coat, and paint primer before we come to a halt on the painting process.

Cheers from the work yard!

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Matt & Jessica

0:00 – Changes – Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau
02:01 – Future Funk – Joakim Karud
15:55 – Down In The Dirt – Niklas Ahlström

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T -
– Panasonic HDC -

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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