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Nearing the End of Our 812 Days In the Work Yard

We’re so close to getting in the water, and yet still so far. It’s been a hectic time for us as we try to finish all the last projects before splashing.

With our centerboard dropped we had the well soda blasted (even though I accidentally say sandblasted about 5 times), which gives Matt and I the opportunity to get fresh coats of aluminum primer and barrier paint into the centerboard well. A much harder job for Matt than for me.

With the Awl Grip applied it was time to go back and reapply our Kiwi Grip non skid that had initially been applied in October, but sanded down for reapplication. I taped off the cabin top and combing, and we spent one morning getting a nice new coat on half the boat.

Matt gets working in the anchor locker to have a nice clean area for our chain to drop in so we don’t have metal sitting on metal, and I have a little whine session about how our decals came back wrong. All in all though, things are getting done and we’re moving closer to the water every day!

Cheers from the work yard!

Thank you SO MUCH to our Patrons. These charitable souls help keep us in the work yard, our camera equipment up to date, and the videos coming. To join the Patreon ranks, please visit

Thank you!,
Matt & Jessica

0:00 – Changes – Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau
01:34 – Ventrillo Sunset – Klubz Production
05:02 – Keep on Trying – Andrew Applepie
12:24 – Signal – Lakey Inspired

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T -
– Panasonic HDC -

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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