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Jr captains

We meet so many cruisers through our journey that turn into great friends, and Bo and Allison of Sailing B+A happen to be two of those people.  A little background on this couple is they just got married in May, leaving to go cruising less than one week after their wedding.

Allison is just getting into sailing and would describe herself as more of an equestrian that has now traded saddles for sun, sand, and a life at sea.  Bo has a talent for videoboard production (big screens in stadiums) that he is now trading in for a tour around the world by sailboat.  Having left college at age 20 for a semester a sea, sailing is now deep in his blood and he’s been working toward leaving for a circumnavigation for the past 11 years.  With these two now together and with their dream boat, they’re ready to take on the world.



How does their sailing adventure affect you?  Bo and Allison have started up Junior Captains, or a way to virtually take children on their sailing adventure with them, providing stories, lessons, and videos along the way.  Each landfall will mark an fun and intriguing lesson that each child can locate on their map, learn about the area, and participate with their own logbook activities.

Upon signing up each child receives a starter kit containing a world map, inflatable globe, custom logbook, and a Jr. Captain’s carrying bag.  Month by month their email box and mailbox will be filled with lessons, videos, and even postcards sent from Bo and Ali and based on their real life travels.  A perfect way to learn about the world without ever having to leave home!

Check out one of their testimonials featured on Instagram.

jr captains starter kit

This week only, Sailing B+A has partnered up with a few of sailing’s other favorites such as The Boat Galley and Voyaging With Kids for some great giveaways!  Here are the details…


1st Prize: A real life sailing trip + a free lifetime subscription to the Junior Captains program.  (We’ll take them sailing with us for a day, or pay for them to go on a day sail on a charter boat in the location of their choice if it isn’t feasible for them to sail wherever we are.) ($926 value)

2nd Prize: 1 year free subscription to the Junior Captains program + free copy of The Boat Galley Cookbook ($170 value)

3rd Prize: 3 months free subscription to the Junior Captains program + free copy of Voyaging with Kids ($61 value)

This contest begins Sunday Oct 18th, ends Sunday Oct 25th. Prizes will be awarded the following week.

All you need to do to enter is follow this link and answer one easy question!  And trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the chance of a day of sailing with Bo & Allison.  They are an extremely fun and easy going couple that we constantly bug to come see us every time they’re in town.  In fact, we’re hoping to go on our own overnight sail with them in just a few weeks!

*All photos courtesy of Sailing B+A

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