Da Fish Shack

Thursday May 23, 2013


A couple days into Grand Cayman, and I think we’ve seen almost every supermarket or bulk food store they have.  This may have consisted of wandering around in 92 degree temperatures for hours, walking out as far as the airport and loading our backpacks full of Oreos and Mac & Cheese, but we made sure to spend some time out of the heat as well in such fine establishments as Burger King and Popeyes Chicken.  Don’t judge.  We know we have a problem.  And the first step is admitting it.

Having split up from Brian and Stephanie for a few days so we could each get our own work done, we met up for drinks tonight at Da Fish Shack.  It is among one of the many restaurants and bars along the waterfront on the West Bay, and Brian and Stephanie had gone in earlier that day for a drink after a sign outside caught their eye, ‘$10 pitcher of beer’.  Since the six pack of beer that had been the equivalent of Natural Reserve they had purchased the other night just about ran them $10 anyway, they popped in to enjoy a tall frosty glass along with the free wifi.  Coming by in their dinghy, Stephanie, on a very empty stomach but in a very happy mood, wanted to inform us of the special and ask if we’d like to join them that evening for another pitcher and dinner.  We skipped out on dinner, eating more of our Cuban meat and potatoes back at the boat, but we did join them later for our own pitcher of Caybrew.  They discussed their upcoming passage to the Azores while we went over the information of a marina we just made a reservation at in Guatemala.  Pretty soon will come the day where we’re not buddy boats anymore, so these last few nights of the four of us together need to be savored before they disappear.

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A front row seat to Serendipity.

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