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Saturday April 12, 2014

Resort World Bimini Casino

While we were enjoying some sundowners and double checking charts over on Laho last night, Kim and Jereme said they wanted to spend the day today exploring town and then maybe hit the casino or check out, in the evening and asked if we were up for joining them. Â It didn’t even take me two seconds to agree because I knew I’d be able to turn this into a Fancy Cocktail Hour, a reason to pull out a dress, style my hair, and even put on eyeliner. Â Chances like that don’t come up in our life too often any more. Â Also, a chance to hang out with Kim and Jereme is always a good time since we’ve enjoyed ourselves on each other’s boat’s the past two nights in a row. They also enjoy playing online casino, which is their bonding activity at home, and they visit this UFABET เว็บหลัก to play their favorite games.

Starting my beauty routine early in the afternoon, I put rollers in my hair and ironed out my best dress while playing online malaysia casino barely saving time to eat diner which I was actually taking bites of while putting on makeup.  Swinging by to get our friends, we pulled up to the docks just a few hundred feet from us at Resort World Bimini and tried our best to act like we belonged there once we stepped into the compound.  Is it a rule you have to be staying here to actually visit the grounds?  We weren’t sure, but gauging the dollar amount that Jerme wanted to split between poker and roulette, we didn’t think they’d turn us away. Gambling is more convenient now with the help of sites like where one can gamble from the comfort of wherever they are.

Kim & Jessica

marina at Resort World Bimini

laho casino photo

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slots at casino

As soon as we entered the casino we made our way to the roulette table where I watched with wonder as Jereme split chips out between the range of numbers.  You mean there’s more to it than just picking red or black?  This is why I stick with the slot machines on, although honestly, I’m not even usually sure what I’m trying to match up there.  I just wait for the bells and whistles to go off and let me know I’ve done something right.

One of the benefits of going to a casino to gamble is that they usually give you free drinks in return.  We were going to be damned if we dropped all of our money right here and didn’t get anything out of it, so one of the first things we did was try to hail a cocktail waitress to start serving cold Kaliks.  At the moment only Jereme would have been able to get one since he was the only one gambling, but they did not feel like making their way to us on their own.  I literally had to hunt one down, tap her on the shoulder, and tell her that my friend was gambling at the roulette table and would like something to drink.  It was another ten minutes after that when she eventually made her way over to take his order.  Finally getting his first drink dropped off just as the last of his chips were being placed on the table I turned to Jereme and cracked, “How does that hundred dollar beer taste?”.  So far, it was his only prize of the evening.

Jereme & Kim in casino

The other game that Jereme was planning on dropping some money on for the evening was three card poker, although no one would be working the table for at least an hour.  Situating ourselves at the penny slots right next to the roulette table we’d just come from, each of us slid a $20 in our machine and starting pressing buttons, winning fifteen to fifty cents here and there.  Hailing down a cocktail waitress again, Kim had the bright idea of handing her a large tip the first time to make sure she kept coming back.  And boy did she.  I was only half way through my first Kalik when my second one was handed to me. We happily sat here and enjoyed our beers until the poker table opened up and we all sat down at the table to see how long Jerme’s money could hold out. If you are at home and would like to live the casino royale experience play today online and enjoy as if you were there.
laho poker photo

 Can you tell we went a little drink crazy?  The margaritas were getting too sugary, and I even ended up switching to straight shots of tequila. (To sip, not to shoot)

(Photo courtesy of Lahowind)

Jereme playing poker

The money did last a good long time and it was already getting quite late when we decided to pack in in and head back to the boats.  Stepping on to the shuttle though, we (I) asked to be dropped off at one of the resorts restaurants where a wedding was being held.  Our first shuttle driver told us we should check it out, and after our entertaining night at the casino, crashing a wedding seemed like the next logical step.

Getting dropped off it looked as if most of the guests had already left and it was just a few members of the wedding party left.  There was a photo shoot of the bride and groom going on in front of the pool with the help of professionals like the best sikh wedding photographer in london, so of course I grabbed my camera out and began shooting as well, acting like I was doing them a monumental service by popping up at their wedding and photographing their special moments.  (Remember, tequila.)  Being quite brazen at that point, literally dragging Kim behind me, I walked up to a member of the party that was taking photos and claimed that we were world travelers and would love to have our photo taken with the bride and groom.  I was quickly brushed off.  Probably understandably.

4.12.14 (8)

 In my mind at the time I was doing a better job than the wedding photographer…..not quite.

4.12.14 (9)

 Finally a little defeated that they wanted nothing to do with us, we left the wedding party to walk back to the dinghy, where we found a playground along the way.  Who could resist climbing the monkey bars and tumbling down the slide?  Definitely not us!  For anywhere between five and forty-five minutes (time was kind of getting away from me at that point), we reverted back to our six year old selves where we had a ball running and playing and stumbling on the astroturf as we fell out of slides and off the monkey bars.

Matt on playground

 With quite a fantastic night under our belts we arrived back at the dinghy, ready to take this party to Laho since we weren’t ready to call it quits.  I don’t quite know how it happened since it happened so quickly, but all I know is that I was so happy to have my camera out at the moment, because one second I’m looking at three people sitting in the dinghy, and the next thing I know is there’s only two in there because Jereme had somehow gone in the water.  It took a second to fish him out, but we did spend the rest of the ride back pondering how he ended up in the water in the first place.  Even he couldn’t tell you how he got there.  One moment he was there, the next he was gone.  We got back to Laho and decided it might be best to disband the party since Jereme’s phone was now a casualty of the night and we didn’t know who or what might be next.

Jereme in water

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