sunset over St. Thomas

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Friday February 20, 2015

yachts in Christmas Cove

Just as we had predicted there is nothing but bad weather coming north of us for the extended forecast.  So we’ll be stuck in the Virgin Islands for just a bit longer.  Darn.  I was really getting tired of this place.  (Insert obvious sarcasm)

Just as I was hoping we’d be able to do, we’ve moved ourselves back over to the picturesque Christmas Cove.  Truthfully I had been wanting do use this extra time to explore a little bit more of St. John and some of it’s wonderful parks.  Maybe do a little more snorkeling.  Which, by the way, we now have a temporary mask and snorkel for Matt thanks to our friends Felicia and Steve on Kasablanca.  They’d just have a bunch of family visiting them and someone left their gear after only one use.  Ooops!  Oh well, their loss is our gain.

The only problem is…Matt is completely content to sit at the moment.  Not only does he not want to go through the trouble of moving the boat 4-8 miles to the next anchorage, but he doesn’t even want to get off the boat.  I was able to briefly get him off for a little bit of snorkeling the other day, enticing him with the promise of sting rays and sea turtles.  Luckily they got the memo and showed up to the party.

Otherwise we’ve just been chilling in our perfect little spot here in the cove.  We’ve had a few dinghy run ins with friends, such as Laho and Necesse, and I’ve made a few solo trips to see friends and squeeze in another night of wine and good conversation with Jody of Where the Coconuts Grow.

We know there are small things we can start doing to prep Serendipity to sell when we get back to Florida, but after this relaxing style of cruising we’ve had since June, we can’t seem to knock out more than one (short) project before it’s time for a break which turns into an all afternoon siesta.  Which suits me just fine.  This is still ‘vacation time’ in my eyes and we’ll be working hard once we get to Florida.  What’s a few more projects then?  Right now I still need my afternoon naps.


photo courtesy of Lahowind

sunset over St. Thomas

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