Check Out Our NEW RIDE!! (MJ Sailing – EP 95)

We may have left Elements behind, but we’re not finished with our sailing just yet!

After hopping on a plane and traveling nearly half way around the world, we land in Bangkok to start our 90 days outside the EU. And luckily for us, we’re still managing to fit in a little sailing while we’re gone! We’re working with Island Spirit Yacht Charters out of Koh Chang to take out one of their catamarans for the next two weeks!

Our first task is to get down to this island on the SE side of Thailand, and when we arrive we have a week to acclimate ourselves to a new culture we have not experienced before. Then, we provision ourselves up and take the local version of a taxi to the charter base on the south end of the island.

After receiving a tour and the run down on this boat that would now be ours for the next two weeks, we’re set loose once again into tropical waters and white sand beaches.

Much love from Thailand!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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One thought on “Check Out Our NEW RIDE!! (MJ Sailing – EP 95)

  1. If you need medical or dental work done get it in Bangkok.
    My daughter owns a bakery in Saigon and they get all dental and medical at Bomrongrad hospital in Bangkok
    I love your videos
    I rebuild a 30 foot wooden boat at, Tanahmerah Bay, Papua, Indonesia.We lived in there for ten years
    Think of your two years rebuild as getting a PHD in boat design and construction.
    The biggest failure to long term sailing is high cost of maintenance. You are home free having done the rebuild your self.
    Best Regards

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