Wish You Were Here

So I have to admit, I’ve been a terrible blogger.  As you can see I’m about a month behind in current events, and while I sit here in Jamaica, posts are still going up from our time in Long Island Bahamas.  Do you know how much has happened since then?  We’ve been down and then back up the Jumentos and Ragged Islands, hung out for a few days in a beautiful harbor back on Long Island, made a 36 hour passage down to Great Inagua, and then a took two days going through the Windward Passage to Jamaica.  I blame the slacking on rolly anchorages in the Bahamas that made my stomach turn every time I picked my computer up to do a little work (although honestly, sometimes I was just out having too much fun and therefore too exhausted to pick up my computer), and so now I have gotten even further behind.  I promised myself ‘Once we get to a calm anchorage in Jamaica I’ll sit down with the computer every night and do some writing’.  But do you know what happened?  We arrived here with Nila Girl waiting, Rode Trip a day behind, and then met some great new buddies on Tamarisk that have kept us out every night.  So now we’re leaving Jamaica and I have nothing to show for the blog.

You stuck around the last time there was a few weeks of silence (hopefully) and I promise I will try not to do that to you again.  I may not have a bunch of post prepared that I can schedule while we’re traveling, but what I do have is a TON of photos from all the gorgeous places we have been visiting.  So here I introduce to you ‘Wish you were here’.  Each day we’re gone and I don’t have a story to put up of our travels, I will at least leave you with a beautiful photograph of where we’ve been.  That will keep you hanging on until I get back, right?

Compass Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

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