Run Ins and Waterspouts

Wednesday January 15, 2014


Isla Mujeres has not stopped providing it’s excitement at anchor.  I just happened to be looking out one of the deadlights today at just the right time and saw this waterspout.  At first I was worried about where it might be going, but then I realized that it was still in the Caribbean Sea and would have to cross over land before making it to either the lagoon where we were anchored, or the main harbor.  We kept our eye on it as it swept closer to us from the sea, but as soon as it did come up on land the whole thing dissipated within moments.

There was also one more act of excitement since we’ve been sitting in the lagoon here.  A few days ago, before we removed our second anchor, another sailboat passing through the channel caught it.  I had just laid down for an afternoon nap up in the v-berth, when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise and a tugging motion.  Tossing over, I tore out of bed and ran up the companionway just after Matt to see the other boat which now had our pulpit in their lifelines.  Luckily we didn’t get tangled and they were able to push themselves off right away.  However, they still had our anchor line attached to them in one way or another, and the two of us were sure it was around their prop.  The other boat owner stated he thought it was on his keel and he wanted to reverse.

With our high test 5/16ths G4 anchor line possibly about to get shredded if it was not in fact just around his keel, we’d be out one really nice set of line.  Eventually he let the current push him back a little where we found out that it was thankfully only wrapped up in his keel.  Soon they were off and yelled their apologies back to us, stating that they’d come back with beer to make up for the trouble.  So far we have not seen them again.

I’m starting to think that Isla is rejecting us and giving us hints to leave as soon as possible.  With all of our friends also leaving now, there really isn’t a reason to stay.  As soon as a window of three to four days of south and/or west winds come up, we.are.outta.here.