old town Funchal Madeira

Random Images of Madeira

Monday October 20, 2014

I have not picked up my camera once since our trip to Pico Ruivo last Wednesday.  To put it plainly, I have been completely engrossed in my computer.  Writing posts, editing video, and trying to keep in touch with friends back home before my internet disappears in a few days as we make our way to the Canaries and finally out of marinas.  So since there isn’t anything new to talk about, here’s some random images of our almost three weeks here.  Crazy how the time flies!

Funchal, Madeira

center of Funchal, Madeira

sculpture in Funchal gardens

overlooking Sao Vicente, Madeira

Sao Vicente, Madeira

Funchal Marina

Jessica in Funchal, Madeira

Matt in Funchal, Madeira

old town Funchal, Madeiraold town Funchal Madeira

outskirts of Funchal, Madeira

gin bar in old town Funchal Madeira

poncha bar

random images, small 1random images, small 2

cable car station, Funchal Madeira


sunset over Miami

Random Images from our Anchorage

Sunday May 25, 2014

sunset over Miami

I wish I could tell you that more exciting things were happening here on the ‘Dip, but honestly, there hasn’t been much for us to do. Most of our projects are reliant on getting our order from Defender, something that was supposed to come yesterday, but still hadn’t arrived when we went to the Post Office to claim it.  So we sit here stagnant.  Stalled.

We try to keep ourselves busy in the afternoon with little cleaning projects and even took Georgie next door to Monument Island on Friday.  I didn’t realize what a hermit she has turned into since we’ve adopted her.  Going from being in a shelter with over 200 cats and a dozen assistants, she was extremely overwhelmed by all the weekend boaters that decided to turn this into a party island and I think was actually excited to get back into the dinghy after less than five minutes ashore.

Let’s hope that our package comes in on Tuesday so I’ll have something new to report on, but until then, enjoy some random images of our anchorage.  We really haven’t ventured past it in the last few days.

Monument Island at night

Our first night in Miami, anchored east of Monument Island.

Georgie in her litter box

Georgie couldn’t wait to get back in her litter box after I washed it out.

Belle Island, Miami Beach

Storms rolling in behind Belle Island.

rain over Miami

Monument Island, Miami Beach

sunset over Miami

Georgie on Beach

Just a quick walk for the kitty.

Star Island, Miami

Passing by Star Island.  Not all that great.

Matt driving dinghy

sunset over Miami Beach

graffiti, Key West Florida

Random Images of Key West

Monday February 24, 2014

graffiti, Key West Florida

Sorry there hasn’t been much to update you on here in Key West, but unless you’d like to hear more stories of how we’re constantly getting waked from all the fishing boats and tour boats that whiz by us, there really isn’t much to report on.  Seriously though, it could almost be a post.  These guys don’t even go on the outside of us, as the furthest out boat, to cut down their distance by 100 meters.  No, they cut between boats in the anchorage because it must be such a time saver to them.  Ugh.  I can’t even get started on it.

So, instead of my whining and bitching about power boaters and their manners, I instead leave you with random images of Key West.  Which would have been the better post in the end, I’m still deciding.  But at least this one leaves you with a pretty sunset.

marinas in Key West

Blue Heaven, Key West

house in Key West

Tropic Theater, Key West

riding scooter in Key West

Kermit's Key Lime Pie, Key West

Matt in butterfly cut out

Cayo Hueso Hotel, Key West

Jessica at southernmost point

Hemingway House, Key West

lighthouse, Key West

Red Trouser Show, Key West

A&B Lobster House, Key West

sunset, Key West

2.6.14 (8)

Random Images of Isla Mujeres

Thursday February 6, 2014

2.6.14 (8)

There hasn’t been much change in our routine, so, nothing to write home about.  Unless you’d like to hear more about how I’m devouring the Pretty Little Liars series on my nook, or how we keep going out for some sand and surf since we can’t seem to get enough of it.  So you probably don’t need another post about how we enjoyed the beautiful Playa Norte, with photos like this:

Jessica on beach

 Or, you don’t need to hear the back on the boat, we keep finding Georgie in the cutest positions, like this.

Georgie sleepingSo instead, I’ll fill you in with random images of our time in Isla Mujeres.

iguana in Isla Mujeres

rubble in Isla MujeresMatt playing with dogcoral pools in Isla Mujeres

fenced in beach Isla Mujerescabanas on Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Matt walking with dogfishing boats in Isla Mujerestall ship in Isla Mujeres