views of Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Free Floating

Thursday November 21, 2013

at anchor in Rio Dulce

We are finally at anchor again, and it feels SOOOO good.  We may not have made it far, just a few hundred feet.  If fact, we’re anchored in that pretty little bay that you may have seen from photos of our dock.  Just a small little area between the marina and another house.

We think we have a weather window to leave on Monday to begin our way up to Belize and eventually Mexico.  You might be asking why we’ve kicked ourselves out of the marina four days before our departure, but part of the reason is that we still need to make it 20 miles down the river before we get to Livingston where we’ll be checking out of the country.  Since we want to be there first thing in the morning to allow plenty of time for these check our procedures and hopefully still catch high tide just around noon to get past the (sand) bar leading to the bay, we’re going to take one day getting down to a little spot just 7 miles up from Livingston called Texan Bay.  We’re still debating if we want to leave for there tomorrow and spend the weekend there, or continue to hang out just across from the marina where we have easy access to town (Texan Bay is in the middle of nowhere) and…a wifi signal that we can still pick up from the marina.  I think that might settle the case right there.  I kind of love having internet access.  Plus, I’m not ready to end my internet dates with my good friends Jackie and Ron just yet.

This morning we filled our water tanks one last time, gave the ‘Dip a quick washdown, and scouted the area to make sure we weren’t leaving anything behind.  Like Georgie, although I’m sure she’d love to permanently set up shop in the ranchito.  Just after lunch we had a few of the marina employees help us with the lines that are attached to shared posts with our neighbors, and just like that, we were out after five months of sitting still.

As soon as the anchor was down, there was a whole new feeling on the boat.  With the hatches open, light breezes washed through the cabin.  The afternoon sun danced across the teak in the salon as we gently swayed side to side.  Things just felt….right again.  Like living on a boat is supposed to feel.  After dragging our cushions on deck for some fresh air and sun (because they still haven’t fully dried yet), we just relaxed.  Sat on deck, soaked in the views, and enjoyed the day.  I don’t even know the last time we’ve done that.  I didn’t even know how much I missed it.  Let me just tell you though, it’ is a fantastic feeling.

Well, off to sneak back in and take our last hot showers until who knows when.

Georgie on deck

 I think Georgie’s enjoying the freedom that being at anchor brings as well.

views of Rio Dulce, Guatemala

anchored in front of Tortugal