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New Year’s Eve on the Water

There was no way we could spend another New Years Eve stuck in Indiantown, and took an opportunity to visit our friends Cati and Johannes on their catamaran in Ft. Lauderdale. Before we could get there though, there’s the never ending list of boat projects. This time it included getting our mast all the way on deck before having to drop it again due to rigging issues.

Cheers from the work yard!

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Matt & Jessica

00:01 – Spoiled Kids – Daniel Kadawatha
05:50 – Nobody Like You – Katelyn Tarver
07:28 – Daydreamer
09:03 – Live Up – Sailing Conductors
13:10 – Get Lost – Niklas Gustavsson
13:46 – Auld Lang Syne – M Boney

Camera equipment used:
– Sony NEX 5T -
– Apple iPhone 5S -

Editing software: Windows Movie Maker