Photo Caption Day: Miniature Golf with the Fam

Tuesday August 20, 2013


What can I say about the weather here in Grand Rapids since we’ve been back except that it’s been absolutely perfect?  Even though we had a discussion with Matt’s mom on the way back from the airport last week that due to the Lake Effect from sitting on the ‘wrong’ side of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids has approximately 230 overcast days a year (the same as Seattle, just without the rain!), it has been nothing short of perfect so far since we’ve been back.  See, if it was like this every day, we never would have had to leave!

Not wanting to waste yet another beautiful day by sitting indoors, we decided to hit the miniature professional golf course with the family.  It was me, Matt, his mom, and his little brother Travis.

Driving just ten minutes from the house, we pulled up to a very nice course that sits just outside of the 5/3rd Ball Park.  A place that everyone on this side of town has been to at least once, and where a lot of high school kids (myself and countless friends included) would go to on dates back in our high school days.  Awww.  Just don’t tell Matt that I brought two different guys here before him. If you want to showcase your skills while playing on these courses, it would be wise to enhance your skills first with the use of sports equipment that come with different prices.

8.20.13 (1)

We’re at the first hole.  Ready, set, go!

8.20.13 (2)

Travis is up to bat golf, and he looks like he has a strong swing behind him.

8.20.13 (3)

Make room please, champions passing through.

8.20.13 (8)

8.20.13 (4)

Travis’ face after a hole in one.  I’m just as surprised as he is.

8.20.13 (7)

I was told I had to bounce it off the wall if I wanted to do the same.

8.20.13 (5)

And was quickly laughed at when it went in the water….

8.20.13 (6)

8.20.13 (9)

Finally at the bottom after playing a game of Plinko to get there.

8.20.13 (10)

I’m glad the sign is advertising that they’re ‘Now Open’, since we’re now nearing the end of the season.

8.20.13 (11)

8.20.13 (13)

We found berries growing on vines, so we ate them.  Brian and Stephanie would be so proud!

8.20.13 (12)

8.20.13 (14)

Warning to Travis, these are not stepping stones.  You will fall in.

8.20.13 (15)

 Who could resist ending the day with a few rounds of skee-ball?

Later in the evening I had yet more plans.  I know.  I haven’t even had time to zone out in front of the tv at all since we’ve been home, what gives?  It was just a girls night with Jackie though, and we spent plenty of time relaxing and and enjoying some time alone together.  She cooked me a delicious meal that she promises isn’t that difficult to make and I might actually be able to repeat it on the boat with just a few ingredients.  We then went out for ice cream and since her and Ron live out in the country, we stopped into a cute little shop on Main Street that had families out enjoying the lazy afternoon and kids in their t-ball jerseys, fresh from out on the field.  It was a perfect little slice of Americana with the hardware store on one side of the street, a city park just across from it, and barns watching over rows of cornfields off in the distance.  Enjoying a movie and some sparkling wine back at the house, I’d call it another perfect day in Michigan.

8.20.13 (18)

 Ron was supposed to take me for a ride on his bike, but ended up ditching me for work.  I was tempted to take it out on my own, but that plan failed when I couldn’t  even stand it up by myself..

8.20.13 (17)

8.20.13 (16)