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Getting the Mast Up – We’re a Sailboat Again!

After 10 months of waiting and one failed attempt, our mast is finally back up again!

Back in Episode 9 you’ll see that we tried to raise our mast, but the new rigging we ordered was not the right size, and we had to bring it back to have it redone. A few month and one weird encounter later, we have it in our hands again and can turn ourselves into a sailboat.

Jessica continues her work on getting the cabin top ready for new Awl Grip paint, after removing the Petit EZ Poxy that had been applied only a year ago.

Matt works on other projects that are best finished while still in the yard, like varnishing all our trim for the interior. Although everyone is working hard, it’s Jessica that makes a break for it with a day at the beach with a few girlfriends.

Cheers from the work yard!
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Matt & Jessica

0:00 – Changes – Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau
02:59 – Get That Funk Goin – King McFunky
14:45 – Life is Good – Markvard

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