Nala and Maria

Photo Caption Day: Boating with Hula Girl

Saturday October 19, 2013


As soon as we got back to Guatemala after traveling through South America, one of the first things we did was to contact our friends Nacho and Annica, who have a weekend house on the Rio, to let them know we were back and looking forward to their next visit.  It happened to come a few weeks after our arrival back, with an invitation to go out for a day on their powerboat, Hula Girl, a Marlin 30.  Along with Luki and Elmari, we were picked up and shuttled to their home where we were able to meet two members of their family we’d never seen before, their eldest daughter Marina, and their dog Nala.  Along with their younger daughter Camila, we all hopped aboard with plans to exit the Rio and and enjoy some time on the open waters on the bay just outside of Livingston.

The day was such a pleasure with more fun that we’d had in a long time.  There’s no way I wouldn’t be able to turn this day into a novel if I tried to write about it, so instead I decided to turn it into a photo caption day.  Enjoy!


Upon approaching, we met their adorable dog, Nala.  So cute, I want, I want, I want!!

Maria on Hula Girl

Maria catches some sun as we speed through the Golfete.

engines on Hula Girl

We’re not used to this kind of power, we were flying along!

Luki and Nacho on Hula Girl

Luki and Nacho man the controls while the girls catch some sun up front.

Livingston Guatemala

A quick stop in Livingston kept us stocked up on fuel and cold water.

swimming in the bay

Anchored out in a bay, we got our first taste of salt water, and currents, in four months!

swimming in the bay

The group, swimming and playing keep-away from Nala with their noodles, which she was trying to devour.

relaxing with a beer

I preferred relaxing in my noodle with a cold beer in hand.

lunch on Hula Girl

We enjoyed a delicious lunch spread with a tuna salad and potato quiche.

drinking wine on Hula Girl

And then the wine came out, which they know very well that I can’t turn down.

clouds over the bay

Towering clouds built in the distance, but luckily never came closer to us.

Elmari and Maria chatting

Some girl chat between Elmari and Maria ensued after lunch.

eating arequipas

Before being served a sweet dessert of caramel spread between wafers.

Matt, Luki and Elmari

Matt, Luki, and Elmari enjoy the ride back up the river.

traveling up the Rio

Winding back up the entrance of the Rio.  These sights never get old.

powering up the Rio

Nope, still not old yet.

tree in the Rio

Every time we pass this lone tree sticking out of the green I fall in love with it, so I’ve decided to claim it as mine.

boat sailing up the Rio

Didn’t this boat get the memo that it’s time to head out of the Rio and not into it?

Nala and Maria

Maria with Nala, who’s hamming it up for the camera.

Nala at the river house

Matt tempts her with games back at the house.

Maria and Nala paddleboarding

And Maria tries to tempt her with a paddle board ride.

Nacho and Annica's River House

 Time to head up to the house for some coffee.

unwinding in the Rio house

Before unwinding with some wine.  A perfect end to the perfect day.  Thanks again Nacho and Annica!!