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Float Plane Obsessed

Thursday April 10, 2014

float plane 1

When we first pulled in to our little anchorage here in Bimini all the way at the end of the channel, there had benn a small orange buoy floating near the edge that we could not for the life of us figure out what it was meant for.  At first we thought that maybe a dive boat tied up next to it, but believe me, there is nothing interesting in this spot to dive on.  Or maybe there is and we don’t know it?  The water’s been a little too murky in this area to actually see what’s on the bottom.

It didn’t take us long to solve the mystery though.  While I was in town checking us in on Monday Matt was greeted with a roaring plane engine while he relaxed below.  Maybe this is a designated anchorage, maybe it’s not, but we have found out that it’s where Resort World Bimini, which we’re right next to, uses as an airstrip for their float planes and uses the mooring to tie up to if the dock is full.  Every hour or so there’s one landing or taking off right next to us, and I’ve admittedly become obsessed with them, running into the cockpit each time I hear those propellers running.  I’m sure the pilots are so sick me of aiming my camera at them each time they land or take off, but ever since our friends on Laho have moved over to this anchorage as well, Kim’s been taking the occasional photos too, so I don’t feel so deserted in my obsession.  Let those pilots stare, I have an agenda.  And it includes taking a zillion photos of them.

float plane 2

float plane 3

float plane 4

laho and plane