Vacay style Newport 2 piece bottom

Chic Clothing for the Travel Savy Gal with Vacay Style

For any traveling girl, whether by boat or by plane, packing clothing can always be a big issue with ‘How I want to appear’ and ‘What can fit in my bag/cabin.’. Have you seen that meme recently going around Facebook of ‘I’m going on vacation for 7 days; I packed 32 outfits just to be safe.’. A lot of us ladies have that issue.  We love options, even if we don’t have the space to carry all the items we need for our three supposed outfit changes every day. But I’ve got a secret coming up for you that will change the way you travel forever, by giving you endless alluring, beachy outfits that can all fit within one carry on bag. Such outfits would look even more gorgeous with pieces like that Dylan Kaine Bag.

Last year I had spied a clothing collection, created by a cruiser, which really made my head turn.  Multiple collections consisting of 5 pieces, which when added with two essentials, would give you the opportunity for 12 to 15 outfits. I bookmarked the page and thought to myself ‘You need to get in contact with them before you set sail again. This is a revelation for fashion and travel’. Imagine my surprise when, before I could even get a message to them of ‘I love your collections online’, they were the ones to reach out to me to see if I’d be game for giving one of their collections a try in my sailing lifestyle. Of course it was an resounding Y-E-S.

San Francisco company, Vacay Style makes it incredibly easy to wear stylish, resort inspired pieces while giving you plenty of options of multiple outfits to wear, all while taking up minimal room in your travel bag, or in my case, micro cabinet. They make it incredibly simple to pull off numerous, effortlessly glamorous outfits by sending out a guide of all the different ways their pieces can be paired.  Suggesting two essential items that pair best with each collection and accessories like a Rockwell Rockstar watch and you’re suddenly given two weeks worth of outfits from only 7 pieces.

At the moment there are 6 different collections to choose from, and boy was I having a hard time narrowing it down to one. Enchanting nautically inspired pieces to vibrant colors reminiscent of the islands, I honestly wanted each one. Working with the creator, Elizabeth Hynes, we decided it would be best to sample a few pieces from two different collections, and I ended up splitting my outfits between their Newport and Belize collections.  Just another highlight of shopping this line, I’m glad I’m able to get it from Macys online, specially since I always have a Macy’s promo code.  You’re free to browse your favorite pieces and create your own collection, tailored to suit your style. Any purchase of 5 pieces or more in your cart are considered a collection and are eligible for their 20% discount and free Vacay beach bag.

Today I’ll be focusing on the Newport Collection.  Consisting of pieces in blue and white, this collection elicits all things nautical and a life reminiscent of the sea.  Perfect for a sailor girl such as myself.  Of this collection I secured the 2 Piece Maxi, which can be worn as a full dress, or with the two pieces switched out to feature just the top or bottom with your own essentials; as well as the convertible dress, to be work as a full maxi or folded down at the waist to be featured as a skirt with a top of your choice.

newport collection
Vaycay Style Newport 2 piece maxi
Vaycay Style Newport maxi top
Vacay style Newport 2 piece bottom

Here are just a few of the highlights you can expect from each piece and/or each collection:

  • Vacay Style offers captivating styles of resort wear for smart travel.
  • Each collection is made of 5 pieces, exclusively designed to easily mix and match to create 15 outfits.
  • Any collection, along with its essentials, can easily fit on a carry on case.
  • Items are wrinkle resistant, and always ready to wear.
  • Receive 20% off your order and a FREE Vacay beach bag with any purchase of 5 pieces or more. (Take an additional 20% off by using code MJSail20; initial 20% discount is applied as soon as 5 items are in your cart)
  • Vacay Style offers free shipping, both ways, within the United States, for easy exchanges/returns.
Vacay Style Newport 2 piece maxi
Vaycay Style Newport 2 piece maxi
Vaycay Style Newport 2 piece top

 Although I can not wait until we are traveling again and I can strut my stuff in these pieces through the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, I have been enjoying running around Stuart in them while we’re still in Florida.  Such as the stunning Hutchinson Island pictured above.  These pieces are very comfortable to wear for a day out and have such fantastic detailing that accessories aren’t even needed.  Like the beaded element of the top in the Newport 2 Piece Maxi. Plus, I was surprised at how light and breathable they are.  Even on a 90 degree day the items felt airy and well ventilated.  A big bonus for the tropical climates we’ll be moving through.

Vacay Style Newport convertible dress
Vacay Style convertible dress

 The Newport Convertible dress is so versatile that I feel I could wear it anywhere I go.  Easily transitioning from a day at the beach to a dinner out, to even enjoying sundowners on a friends boat, this truly is a piece you can dress up or dress down to go anywhere.  Plus the fabric is so soft, it almost feels like I’m wearing pajamas.  So much better than the constricted feeling I get with other dresses, that I can’t wait to tear off as soon as I get home.  These pieces are so comfortable, I could lounge in them all day.

So what is my verdict on Vacay Style so far?  I am in love!  Even with just the two pieces featured above, I was able to create so many different styles, and received compliments (from strangers even) on each outfit I wore.  Every item is incredibly comfortable and tailored to travelers. The collections are designed to need minimal accessories, each piece in the collection being able to pair with a single pair of shoes and/or bag, leaving you with few extras necessary.  The tops have built in bras and the skirts have built in slips, so there’s never a worry of being over-exposed.

I already know these collections will be a main feature in my travel wardrobe, and I’m just sad I can’t fully stock my cabinet with every piece from every collection.

*Pieces from the Belize Collection to be featured once we reach the Bahamas.

** P.S. A big thank you to my brother for sending me the Joby Gorilla Pod for my birthday, I’m already getting tons of use from it.  Can you believe all these shots are self portraits?