caulk removal of portlight

Getting Rid of those Leaks….Hopefully?

Friday June 6, 2014


*I wish I could write more about this project, and I’ll probably go back later and add more to it, but here I sit on the eve of our departure for the Azores and I had to get something down so that you don’t just wonder why we’ve disappeared out of the blue.

Last Thursday and Friday we tackled the project of rebedding one of our starboard side ports, and the forward hatch.  Who would have thought that getting all of the old caulk out would be the easy part?  That only took about two hours, we each took on one area, and then after a visit to the post office to find out that yet another package (filled with fuel filters) has now gone missing, we came back in the late afternoon to finish the job of getting our new 3M 4000 on there.  That should stop any leaks we previously had coming in!  Turns out though, that clean up with that stuff is a total b*tch.

Only smearing it around at first we found out that if left alone for an hour or so it gets a little tacky and is then easier to remove.  Waiting for the second port to dry, our one hour break turned into a two hour nap (yeah, we were a little tired after our day of finally working on something), and when we woke up the sun was already going down.  Which means that I got to spend a good portion of Friday trying to remove it once it had fully hardened.  A lot more work when you have to be extra mindful of what you’re scraping off.

Let’s just hope that if our previous leaks did happen to be coming from one of those two areas, we didn’t just make the problem worse while trying to fix it.  Looks like we’ll have the chance to find out soon enough.

Matt cleaning hatch

rebedding port

working on portlight

looking out portlight

caulk removal of portlight