Spotting Land After 25 DAYS AT SEA!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 80)

Our Trans-Atlantic voyage is approaching the end!

We pick up this video on Day 18, after we get the news that our friends on s/v Calico Skies are arriving in Horta, while we still have 700 miles left and can expect winds on the nose for the next 72 hours.

After plugging through those, we go back to our sunny and calm days and while spending a little time outside get the opportunity to see some sea life in the water. Huge groups of sea salp are floating next to our boat, and we even put the GoPro in the water to get a better look.

While we’re stuck in what we hope is the last of our high pressure systems, we throw up our drifter to see how it works in place of a spinnaker. At over 40 years old we weren’t sure what to expect with this sail, but it did a great job of giving us a little extra oomph!

Then…there’s landfall! The day we had been waiting to see for such a long time! Even though we had a fantastic crossing and loved our time at sea, we were more than ready to dock in Horta and begin enjoying the wonderful Azores again.

Much love from the Atlantic Ocean!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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