Seeking Seclusion At Lynyard Cay

The cold fronts have passed, and we are experiencing perfect weather in the Bahamas!

With a 2-3 day break between overcast skies and high winds blowing through, we decide to take the boat somewhere new, sailing about 13 miles south from Elbow Cay (Hope Town), and Little Harbor. Conditions were perfect and it felt great to be flying all our sails.

On our way to Little Harbour though, we were distracted by the secluded beaches of the island just north of it, Lynyard Cay. Looking to escape everything for a few days, it looked like the perfect place to drop anchor and be all by ourselves.

With the nice weather we did get the chance to get in the water, but came up with no coral for viewing and no fish or lobster for dinner. Exploring the next day at the southern end of the island, we found it was much more cruiser friendly with public beaches and a trail over to the Atlantic side.

Loading Georgie up in the dinghy and checking the place out, we decided it was the perfect spot to sit and wait out the easterly blow that was about to hit us for the next few days.


Cheers from the Bahamas!

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00:18 – I Met You in the Summer – Loving Caliber (ES)
01:16 – I’m a Volcano – Martin Hall (ES)
05:25 – We All Fall Down – Chris Coral (ES)
08:28 – Fire at Will – Martin Hall (ES)

Camera equipment used:
– Panasonic Lumix G85 –

Editing software:
Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier






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