Random Images from Utila

Thursday June 20, 2013

fuel dock at Utila

I can’t say that Matt and I have been doing much with our time here in Utila.  Nate’s gone to the mainland to begin his trek across Honduras and Guatemala, and now there is no one making plans to do things with the day, or plan bars, restaurants, or other interesting sights to visit.  Left to our own devices, Matt we can get very unmotivated, and we’ve spent the past few days on the boat, reading, watching movies, and pretty much nothing else.  Sometimes a shore excursion, but mostly, just hanging out and relaxing on the ‘Dip.  So, since there have been no interesting stories to tell from the past few days, I’ll just leave you with some random images of the island.


Bay in Utila Honduras

Apparently there have been mountains hiding behind the clouds.  Who knew?

Bucaneers Utila

We only have 3 electronic devices, and Matt and commandeered all of them.

Casket sign, Utila

Local working in Utila

laundry service Utila

Utila 6

Fruit stand, Utila

pineapples Utila

Honduras supposedly has the sweetest pineapples in the world.

gate to hostel, Utila

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